Torneo Indoor

Indoor February Tournament

Hello Ultimate Players all around the world!
Big Up! is back again in a new venue!
Ultimate Milano is proud to invite you to Big Up! 2017.
Big Up! is fast because it’s the one and only tournament in Italy played 5 vs. 5 with continuous play rule.

Big Up! is a three-division indoor tournament played on artificial turf (new-generation synthetic grass).
Number of teams for each division:

  • 16 Open
  • 8 Women
  • 8 Junior teams (under 16 – born in 2001 and later)
  • From Friday evening February 10th to Sunday 12th 2017
  • Junior division will play on Sunday 12th only
  • Team fee 90€ (free for teams playing in the Junior division)
  • Player fee 35€
  • Junior player fee 10€ (games and player gift)

  • Games on Saturday and Sunday
  • Friday Welcome Party
  • Sleeping field (Friday & Saturday)
  • Breakfasts (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Saturday dinner
  • Saturday party
  • Player gift
Registration is now open and will close on January 15th: a few days later we will announce selected teams!
Check the event page on Facebook -> Big Up! 2017


…Continuous play rules

• only 2 pulls every game: at the beginning of the game and after halftime. Each team pulls once.
        › player who scores a point must demonstrate possession of the disc and then leave it on the ground right where he scored.
                ›› a player from the other team (now attacking) will then – at least – walk to pick up the disc and reach the center of the end zone goal line where the point was just scored.
                                ››› points do not start with a pull but with a pass to a teammate (throws in the endzone are also allowed):
                                        ›››› check is NOT required (disc is live as soon as the player establishes a pivot foot on the goal line).

• substitutions are allowed while playing, during half time suspension and timeouts:
        › for a substitution to take effect a player must touch hand with a teammate in a defined area of the field (middle of the sideline).


Dove e quando/When and Where?